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Call Tracking

All devices

Need to know someone's call history? Do it with mSpy. Find out who called, when, how often, how long each call lasted, and more!

Call Recording


Use this feature to record calls from any number and listen to the recordings at any time from any Internet-enabled device.

Intercepting Text Messages

All devices

Does your target text a lot? Use mSpy to check every text message sent/received by the device user.

Email Monitoring

All devices

Emails can give you a treasure-trove of information about the person you wish to track. Read the content of each email.

GPS Location Tracking

All devices

Identify someone's location whenever there is a need. Get real-time GPS updates and check entire route history with ease.

Browser History Monitoring

All devices

Users spend a lot of time surfing the web on their smartphones. With mSpy, you'll be able to check their entire browsing history.

Access to Calendar and Contacts

All devices

Need access to your target's Phone Book? Want to know what their plans are? mSpy will provide you with this info.

Intercepting Instant Messages

iOS, Android

They won't hide anything from you! Spy on their Viber, Skype, iMessage, and WhatsApp chats to find out the truth.

Recording Surroundings

All devices

Looking for more evidence? Use the target device as a bugging tool and listen to the recordings at any time.

Control over Apps and Programs

iOS, Android

Check which apps and programs are installed on the target device and block access to any of them.

Access to Photos and Videos

All devices

Photos and videos can give you a lot of info about your target. Use mSpy to get access to all multimedia content stored on the device.

Remote Control

All devices

You can use mSpy not just to check tracking details, but also to password-protect it or wipe out its data if there is any risk of phone data theft.

Stealth cell phone monitoring

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Text spying app for android

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Sms & call tracker

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Jenice L Wiggins

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